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We recognize that there is an under representation of the black community in the mainstream press. Youngstown, OH suffers from this problem, just like every other city in America. The Buckeye Review is committed to providing top-quality journalism and black community news in Youngstown, OH. We understand the issues that are important to the black community, and we guarantee to provide coverage that gets to the heart of the events that matter to you most.

The Buckeye Review is an award-winning publication targeted at African Americans specifically. We cover African American news, while promoting community awareness about the issues that matter most. In addition to our strong traditional journalism roots in the black community, we also provide hard-hitting coverage of events, local news, foreign developments, multicultural issues, and entertainment.

We are proud to be a member of the ever-growing black press initiative that is sweeping the nation. Our multi-platform approach is geared towards providing the most accurate news coverage possible, when you need it most. We provide insightful information about local sports and weather, and we provide local businesses with an opportunity for advertising in their community paper.

Our reporters and editors are some of the best in Youngstown, OH, and they are committed to providing you with unfiltered information about what is happening around you. We do not water down our content to appeal to the masses. We want to show the people of Youngstown, OH what is really happening in their communities through strong and informative journalism.

We have been serving the African American community since 1937, and we know how to report a story. There is a lot of fluff journalism out there, and we are here to make sure you have full access to the real news that is going on around you.

Many African Americans are sick and tired of the one-sided news they read in their local paper every day.

If you want to read a no-frills publication that guarantees to deliver the truth, you need to get in touch with the Buckeye Review.

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